About Ttag ltd

Trusted and favoured by many of the UK’s leading construction companies to provide a range of services, from full package Brickwork contracts to complex Scaffolding / Access solutions. We work hard to maintain our high levels of customer satisfaction.

Strong Relationships:

We believe that by building strong relationships with our Clients Commercial and Operational teams we can deliver our projects, on programme to the highest quality whilst ensuring a safe workplace for all involved. We have been proud to deliver many projects to our Tier 1 Clients with repeat business undoubtedly forming the cornerstone of our success. We look forward to maintaining and developing these relationships as well as forming new ones over the years ahead.
- Gary Townsley

Customer Focus

We believe that it is our task to listen to our customer's needs and requirements to ensure that we respond to any changes in programme and design effectively to the satisfaction of our Customer.
- Paul McGuiness, Senior Contracts Manager (Scaffolding)

Our dual service means smooth coordination throughout...

"Supplying brickwork and scaffolding together keeps any coordination issues away from the main contractor. This allows us to run things more effectively to both our benefits. It's a more cost-effective solution for our clients"
- Jim Morrison, Senior Contracts Manager (Brickwork)